In 1984, the company's activity was related to the automotive industry and produced car components for:
-FSO Tychy
As a result of the market demand for power hydraulics systems ZPH KAMA has developed cooperation with the hard coal mining industry, cooperating until 2011 with the following companies:
PUMAR HYDRAULIKA Sp. z o.o. (Siemianowice Śląskie)
DOZUT-TAGOR Sp. z o.o. (Zabrze)
TAGOR S.A. (Zabrze)
FPHU "REM-STAR" s.c. (Rybnik)
REMONTEX Sp. J. (Rybnik)
SHL S.A. (Kielce)
U-TECH (Kielce)
The interest in new technologies and the emergence of a new staff resulted in a change in the direction of the company's activities. We currently carry out orders for:

-Warsaw University of Technology;  Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering ITLiMS in Warsaw
- Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw

ZPH KAMA has vast experience. In recent years, it has performed, among others, the following orders:
- Delivery of a device for testing of curtain walls "Śmigło" in accordance with the PN-EN 13050 standard concerning laboratory tests under dynamic condition of air pressure and water spray for the Building Research Institute in Warsaw
- Execution of a TNP-300D model turbine and assembly of a hydro-unit with this turbine at a universal test stand for testing water turbines and pumps at the IMP PAN Gdańsk Laboratory in Gdańsk
-Test stand for research in the field of object flow and stationary incompressible flow and test stand  for testing parameters of the boundary layer for the Military University of Technology in Warsaw
- Manufacture and delivery a vane testing channel - implementation of the project "Modernization and construction of a new research and development infrastructure at the Military University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology for the needs of common numerical experimental tests of aircraft turbine-powered engines"
-Delivery of the mechanical structure of the laboratory test stand for testing the experimental drive system of the PRT linear system for the Eco-Mobility Project Office, Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Transport in Warsaw
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