ZPH KAMA Rzeszowski Krzysztof has been involved in manufacturing and sales activity since 1984.
We manufacture and supply machinery and equipment as well as laboratory and research equipment, accessories, wearable parts, we offer also consulting help and service. Our knowledge and experience in the field of the manufacturing and operation of the manufactured equipment, its application and specific problems appearing in every factory or laboratory, results from ZPH KAMA's 35-year practice in the market.

We implement comprehensive design solutions in accordance with the customer's requirements. For our clients, we provide mechanical solutions using solid modelling system (CAD-3D) as well as low voltage electrical systems. Designs made on a client's special order are carried out by our own Engineering / Research and Development department. The combination of highly qualified young engineers and experienced constructors working at ZPH KAMA for many years creates unique environment for research and development.

Our main customers are research laboratories at State Institutes, Universities and Research and Development Units.
We provide specialized, automated machines and equipment also for large customers and end users like production plants or mines.

In recent years, we have expanded our offer with industrial automation systems using PLC programmable controllers and control and measurement equipment. Our company is also dynamically developing the area of ​​production automation, using innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of our production.

Our goal is not only to design and sales of equipment, but also to provide customer with comprehensive service including training, full support in the area of ​​service and maintenance of the equipment, as well as providing spare parts for many years after the commissioning of the machine.

Each supplied equipment comes with warranty and post-warranty service.
We carry out annual inspections and calibrations for all delivered devices, that require such activity.
We invite you to get acquainted with our offer.
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ZPH KAMA Rzeszowski Krzysztof
email: zphkama@zphkama.com